As a long-standing partner of iDonate, we’ve been at the front lines of the brand’s evolution from market disruptor to industry standard. Fueled by a shared desire to equip nonprofits with better tools to do more for the communities and people they serve, our ongoing relationship has leveraged the full power of our convergent offerings, to help bring iDonate’s impact to life.


What is iDonate

iDonate is a multi-channel fundraising and gifts management platform for nonprofits — but beyond that, it’s a group of motivated people whose mission is to build better shoes for the boots on the ground. The foundational goal of the company is to increase the giving of disposable income from the current 2% to 4% by 2025, making generosity second nature. Their strategy? Unlocking donor generosity through an amazing giving experience.

What We Did
  • Primary Research and Ethnography
  • Brand Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Full Stack Development

iDonate’s Goals

iDonate aims to innovate in a space historically behind, facing the combined challenges of antiquated tech solutions in charitable giving, and mounting pressures to accommodate today’s donors. iDonate redefined this market by introducing a better tool for donor management through the entire giving cycle. By replacing and simplifying the workflows of several different products that nonprofits have traditionally used for accounting, campaigning, event planning, email campaigns, iDonate empowers nonprofits to forge a new path to better donor engagement.

Our Approach

From the early days of helping iDonate develop niche web widgets to the more recent full service enterprise OEM product, we knew that to create a big splash, we needed to unite our disciplines beneath one common goal: making iDonate’s mission clear, and granting it the volume it deserves. So from research to design, our engagement was a partnership focused on bringing our offerings together to develop and successfully execute a powerful, yet complex message.


In-depth research highlighted the need for 
a flexible solution.

We performed a full-scale research engagement to understand iDonate’s market and competition, and conducted quantitative studies to explore the motives, methods, and beliefs of both nonprofits and donors. From these findings, we uncovered key insights that became the core of iDonate’s product: because today’s donors expect more from their tech, today’s donors also expect more from their giving experiences.


Transforming a vision into a voice.

After assisting iDonate in designing and developing a digital product that would delight donors and nonprofits alike, iDonate sought to tighten the aperture on the company’s story, market positioning, and mission. From an initial deep-dive into brand tone-of-voice informed by stakeholder interviews, workshops, and market research, we worked closely with a team of key iDonate decision-makers to introduce the company to a refreshed, renewed, and focused brand story that truly embodied the iDonate mission: unlocking donor impact for non-profits to power generosity.  


Coloring the story of a brand.

Once we met iDonate’s refined brand voice, we transformed it into something more tangible: a refreshed website, complete with thoughtful branded elements, intentional color selections, and a design system whose attention to detail encompassed the pillars of the brand like never before. Our design and development teams worked in tandem with one another to ensure the fidelity of the visual designs would translate into a website that seamlessly conveyed the personality and drive of the iDonate mission, alongside all the details that makes it unique.

The Outcomes

A brand’s story is far more than a style guide or a casing preference: it represents a company’s willingness to take a plunge into uncertain waters and trust that, when led by a common goal, an incredibly bright and unifying message will emerge. Our partnership with iDonate demonstrates the power of collaborative work streams, and the ability of collaborative disciplines to truly embolden the intent, character, and message that a brand conveys, from headlines to lines of code. Working together, we were able to rise to the challenge of refocusing iDonate’s core identity while in market with a validated product strategy and distinctive brand identity that, when combined, both communicated the business model clearly and helped the brand’s mission of unleashing generosity to truly shine.

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