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Generosity at Scale

As partners of iDonate since their very beginnings, we know the strengths of a collaborative relationship. Our ongoing work with iDonate in design, development, and strategy is fueled by a shared desire to equip nonprofits with better tools to do more for the communities and people they serve.

Who is iDonate

iDonate is a multi-channel fundraising and gifts management platform for nonprofits that can accept both cash and non-cash donations such as cars, jewelry, and stock. Their foundational goal is to increase the giving of disposable income from the current 2% to 4% by 2025 - making generosity second nature.

What We Did
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Business Transformation
  • Product Design
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iDonate’s Business Goals

iDonate is navigating an industry in transition, facing the combined challenges of antiquated tech solutions and mounting pressures to accommodate today’s donors.

iDonate aims to redefine the market by introducing a better tool for donor management through the entire giving cycle. By replacing and simplifying the workflows of several different products that nonprofits have traditionally used for accounting, campaigning, event planning, email campaigns, iDonate is empowering nonprofits to forge a new path to better donor engagement.

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Our Approach

We’ve supported iDonate in every step of their evolution from niche web widget to full service enterprise OEM product. From research to implementation, our engagement was a partnership focused on outcomes we could measure.

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01Strategic Innovation

In-depth research highlighted the need for 
a flexible solution.

We architected an integrated solution that allows for flexibility across multiple platforms, with tools for events, campaigns, analytics and reporting. We performed a full-scale research engagement to understand the market, the competition, and conducted quantitative studies of both nonprofits and donors.

  • Research
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Market Fit & Positioning
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02Business Transformation

Strategic roadmapping made implementation
 a focused effort.

We built and managed a strategic roadmap, taking the guesswork out of product scale, future brand direction, and iteration timing. Staying one step ahead of the trends allowed us to incorporate these insights into an agile platform application.

  • Program Management
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Organizational Alignment
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03Product Design

An improved experience means more donations and happier customers.

We built iDonate from the ground up with an agile and scalable infrastructure, enabling a full shift of the company over the course of 3 years.

  • Product Design
  • UX Design/Journeymapping
  • Enterprise Development
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The Outcomes

Our research identified that 87% of clients used more than one technology platform for full scale engagement with their donors. Nonprofits needed a way to engage donors and build lasting relationships while managing analytics and reporting. With its flexible infrastructure, iDonate can now provide dynamic solutions for clients, meeting their individual needs without adding development effort. iDonate’s robust feature set can be custom tailored, allowing them to scale and expand their product offerings.

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