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Designing for E-Commerce by Accomplice

Olivia Hayes   |   Dec 18, 2018   •  2min Read

This post was originally published by Accomplice, a strategic design agency based out of Austin, Texas. 

With E-commerce sites, there is a careful balance that needs to be struck between aesthetics and performance. The prime directive of an e-comm site is to sell things, so our designs have to be in service of conversions. At the same time, aesthetics tell shoppers so much about the brand ethos that it’s important to get that aspect right.

We thought about this a lot when redesigning Mission Workshop’s e-commerce site. Mission is a brand with a well-developed aesthetic. In fact, it’s what they’re known for, and we wanted to make sure we showcased it on the site. Mission also makes high-quality products with cutting-edge fabrics and multiple customizations, so we needed to find a way to explain that versatility and high quality in a digital context.

Our solution was to design multi-media product pages that could leverage all of the content Mission has created to showcase its products. From field test videos to lifestyle and product photography, the product pages have a place for all of it. There are close up shots of technical fabric along with in-depth descriptions of the fabric attributes, and each page is designed to flow like a narrative that takes you deeper into the story of the product the further down you scroll.

When it comes to e-commerce, customers need to feel confident that they know exactly what they’re buying. For Mission, that meant a solid design that left enough space for the visuals to take the lead.


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