Accenture Innovation Showcase

An Innovative Approach To Innovation

Transforming space into a platform for inspiration, the San Francisco Innovation Showcase captures Accenture’s spirit of innovation and translates it into a hands-on experience. Leveraging immersive media enriched by new and emerging technologies, the showcase delivers the ability to build richer relationships, tell incredible stories, and inspire visitors through the heart of a space.


Bringing Ideas To Life

A space for teammates, clients, and partners to focus their imaginations on the potential of the future, the client showcase brings innovation to the forefront of Accenture’s new office by making technology, and it’s real-world impact, tangible for visitors. Designed as a dynamic platform for storytelling, the environment – and technologies used – offer flexibility in creating unique experiences tailored to the audience or event being hosted.

What We Did
  • Experiential
  • Immersive Media
  • XR, AR + VR
  • Spatial Design
  • Reactive Spaces

The Many Stories of Accenture

For Accenture, the showcase represents an opportunity to create a defining experience for their environment that inspires visitors to explore and rethink how technology is being used to drive innovation. From client presentations to candid conversations, the showcase offers a one-of-a-kind venue for exploring the ideas and opportunities that will shape the future of experience.

Our Approach

Our multidisciplinary team leveraged a cross-section of emerging technologies to bring the many stories of Accenture to life through a series of interactive installations. Designed as a tech-driven platform for dynamic media and content, the experiences create a sense of wonder and exploration for visitors while providing the flexibility and modularity to allow for continuous evolution of the space.


Extending Reality

Located on the 33rd floor of the tallest building in San Francisco, the client showcase offers some of the best views in the city. With the extended reality viewfinders, we took that view even further, layering in live data, points of interest, and partner information to solidify Accenture’s place at the heart of the San Francisco and Silicon Valley tech ecosystem. 


Custom built from the ground up, the viewfinder combines software with physical triggers to ground an innovative use of technology in a sense of familiarity. At the base of the experience is a one-of-a-kind, high fidelity panorama of the San Francisco skyline that sets the stage for a series of real-time information and transportation data-feed overlays. Integrated with sensor data that recognizes users’ input, the viewfinder blends the physical and digital components into a seamless experience that makes exploration effortless.


Storytelling Through Objects

Designed to showcase products and projects in an interactive, future-forward experience, the display cabinets let visitors get hands on with technology while delivering a deeper understanding of how it’s being used in market. A beacon of light and motion within the space, the displays not only draw visitors to the cabinets but allow for anyone on the tour to step up and take control of the experience. 


Using RFID sensors as triggers for digital content, transparent OLED screens automatically display a unique motion graphics package over the physical object placed inside the cabinet to bring the stories and value of the technology to life. The use of sensors allows for objects to be hot swappable, as well as for new objects to be easily added over time. The result is an experience that transforms simple, physical interactions into a powerful demonstration of technology’s ability to amaze.

The Outcomes

Tasked with making innovation tangible, the client showcase installations seamlessly integrate technology into the physical environment to create an experience that is as intuitive as it is impactful. The result closes the gap between potential and reality, offering visitors a clear vision for how the technology featured is changing the world today as well as resetting possibilities for the future.  


For the Accenture team, the client showcase offers a clear expression of their culture that inspires conversation, collaboration and ideation about how technology is shaping the future of the company and its clients. A rare opportunity to touch and feel their latest innovations, the experience delivers a big impact with clients to help drive sales and set a new standard for communication and engagement.

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