The Future of Sport

A brand with a history of shattering expectations of both recreational entertainment and the laws of physics, iFLY enlisted the Accomplice to push the boundaries of how people think about and experience their brand. From website to wind tunnel, we elevated every facet of the digital and destination experience to set the stage for the next revolution in sports.


Reaching New Heights

Since opening its first wind tunnel in 1998, iFly has made the dream of flight a reality for more than 10 million people in over 70 locations worldwide. With aspirations of making body flight the next great extreme sport, iFly needed to redefine how people thought about the flight experience to not only welcome first time flyers (sp?), but inspire the next generation athlete.

What We Did
  • Primary Research and Ethnography
  • UI/UX Design
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Omnichannel Platforms

Elevating Experience

The goal of this project was to create a digital presence that would inspire people to fly by showcasing a vision for personal growth, a sense of belonging within a community and prospects for long-term participation. Informed by collaboration between research, content, and design, we turned an eye toward the future of marketing and engagement by refreshing their digital presence and streamlining the booking and account creation process.

Our Approach

Create continuity from the website to the wind tunnel, working with iFly’s marketing and facilities teams, addressing both digital and physical aspects of their brand. As the centerpiece of the brand vision and first point of contact for most flyers, the website needed to coalesce the efforts of multiple teams and stakeholders with the diverse educational, inspirational and functional needs of new and returning flyers.


A New Perspective on Flying.

The launching point for the future of flight, it was critical for the website to create a sense of excitement and wonder that not only inspired a visit, but also set the stage for the long-term vision of body flight as a sport. From content strategy to IA and design, every aspect of the user experience was evaluated and enhanced to counter hesitation with anticipation and provide the information – or nudge – users needed to get ready to fly.


All Systems Are Go.

As part of the overall redesign, we also reimagined the booking flow to streamline the process of booking a flight and ensure consistency of tone and voice across this critical step in the process. Combining educational components, such as identification of flying level, with contextual upsell opportunities, the new booking flow helps visitors better understand the variety of experiences available to them and reasons to come back.


The Pursuit of Excellence.

The final piece in the digital ecosystem, iFly ID is also the most critical to the long term success of the body flight vision. Part loyalty program, part community engagement tool, iFly ID allows users to track their visits and progression of skills as they pursue the heights of this new sport. From earning badges to tracking their visits and streamlining the booking and check-in process, it offers repeat flyers the ability to better prepare for and maximize their time in the tunnel.

The Outcomes

In creating a unified vision for the present and future of the iFly experience, the digital ecosystem balances the aspirational goals of the brand with the functional needs of users to better serve customers and drive greater engagement. The simplicity of experience for customers is also reflected in the way the website serves iFly’s business objectives, providing a single platform for promoting and managing the diverse offerings they provide.

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