Designing a Destination

Kammok aspired to transform their brand from a digital retail experience to a destination retail experience, designed to delight an audience of outdoor enthusiasts. Our mission was to design and build a customer experience that embodied the character of Kammok’s brand, products, and community. Inspired by a commitment to adventure and bringing people together, the custom Kammok retail experience offered a fresh perspective on an outdoor outpost.

Who is Kammok

Kammok elevates the camping experience, designing and producing highly functional camping gear that unites people in the open air of the great outdoors. Connecting their customers to their surroundings and to one another, the Kammok brand encourages people to answer the call when adventure beckons.

What We Did
  • Experiential
  • Architectural Design
  • Spatial Design
  • Fabrication Design
  • Brand Activation

Kammok’s Goal

As a brand that made their splash with the outdoor community through an e-commerce touchpoint, Kammok sought to create a physical retail destination that would resonate with customers, and deliver an experience true to the brand. Kammok needed to display their passion for community-driven adventure in a space built to capture the spirit of the outdoors.

Our Approach

To actualize Kammok’s vision, the fabrication and design teams worked in tandem from start to finish to deliver a seamless experience. Since consistent design and spatial composition were essential in bringing a resonant experience to life, our work within this engagement was all completed under one roof. Our design team began the project by mapping out the dimensions of the outpost, generating ideas to utilize existing space most effectively, and ultimately crafting innovative components to delight Kammok’s audience in unique ways.


Unite and conquer: focusing on details to establish the experiential whole

To maximize versatility and ensure every detail embodied Kammock’s vision, the team at Design & Manufacturing ideated around each component of the adventure outpost’s final design. Pocket doors concealing hammock brackets were implemented to create streamlined usability. Logos etched into woodwork added character and depth to the space. Design components like these provided the Austin shop an opportunity to build resonant and impactful brand touchpoints from the ground up.

  • Fabrication Design
  • Brand Activation
  • Spatial Design
  • Architectural Design

The Outcomes

We worked with the Kammok team to facilitate the creation of a retail environment that not only gave the Kammok brand a physical presence, but also helped further their continued exploration of how the brand and its customers interact. With this in mind, we brought the Kammok experience to Austin through an immersive flagship storefront designed to engage, intrigue, and delight anyone who adventured through the door.

This project utilized a wide spectrum of our capabilities to flawlessly execute Kammok’s vision, and to ensure the experience maintained the brand’s soul and spirit. By completing all components of this build in-house, we were able to acutely collaborate with the client throughout all stages of the project, and built the Austin Adventure Outpost from design to door handle to bring Kammok’s brand promise to life.

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